If you need a few hours‘ sleep between flights, you can now crawl into a sleeping pod at Istanbul Airport.

Those unfortunate passengers who have to spend a few hours at the airport often lie around in impossible contortions. At Istanbul Airport, there is now a much more comfortable option: travellers can spend the time between two flights or the waiting time due to a delayed departure in sleep pods, so-called sleepods.

A total of 25 of these sleep pods have now been set up at the airport in Turkey’s capital and can be rented by the hour. Disposable sheets and pillowcases are included; if you want to be even more comfortable, you can buy extra pillows or blankets. The basic price per hour is between 15 and 20 euros, depending on the time of day (updated in November 2023 with the latest prices). If you want the mentioned extra pillows etc. you will have to pay an extra 3 Euros.

The bunks at Istanbul Airport have USB ports and a power supply. Hand luggage can be stored underneath the sleeping pod. The cleaning staff takes care of the cleanliness.


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