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These are the most sustainable travel countries in the world – European countries dominate the ranking.

For many travellers, the environmental sustainability of their trips is an important criterion. A recently published study by Euromonitor International shows that 80 percent of travellers are willing to pay at least 10 percent more for their trip if it is sustainable.

Choosing the right destination can be important in determining how sustainable the next trip is. According to Euromonitor’s Sustainable Travel Index, European countries dominate this ranking: Uruguay is the only non-European country among the “Best 20” sustainable destinations. This is no coincidence: Many European countries are trying to make environmentally friendly travel possible – among other things, through cheap train travel or subsidies for “green” hotels. Estonia, for example, has recently caught up strongly: the country has moved up five places in the current ranking. Among other things, this is due to the efforts to place areas under protection. Green initiatives are being pushed in cities like Tartu – European Capital of Culture 2024.

  1. Sweden
  2. Finland
  3. Austria
  4. Estonia
  5. Norway
  6. Slovakia
  7. Slovenia
  8. Iceland
  9. Latvia
  10. Switzerland
  11. France
  12. Lithuania
  13. Denmark
  14. Czech Republic
  15. Germany
  16. Portugal
  17. Croatia
  18. Uruguay
  19. Romania
  20. Poland

Source: Euromonitor International

The ranking was based on 56 criteria, including the country’s environmental programmes or social benefits. Euromonitor specialises in market research and data analysis.

Image on top: Jessica Pamp via Unsplash

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