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British food company joins forces with London Michelin restaurant.

Speciality food retailer DukesHill has teamed up with Gymkhana Fine Foods to offer specialities from the Indian Michelin restaurant for home.

The new “DukesHill x Gymkhana Fine Foods Meal Kits” contain a main ingredient that can be combined with the Gymkhana sauces and marinades to be prepared at home.

One example is “Tandoori Lamb Chops”; the pack contains DukesHill lamb chops (500 grams) and Gymkhana Fine Foods Classic Tandoori Marinade (200ml), enough for two people, price: £26.55. Another example of the new collaboration: a North Indian curry can be created with DukesHill chicken thighs (500g), Gymkhana Fine Foods Classic Tandoori Marinade (200ml) and Butter Masala Cooking Sauce (300ml) (serves 2, £21.55).

DukesHill is known above all for its high-quality meat from species-appropriate husbandry. The traditionally cured hams, sausages and bacon come from British animals reared outdoors.

Gymkhana entered the London restaurant scene ten years ago and has built a loyal following. JKS Restaurants, the group behind Michelin-starred restaurant Gymkhana, has therefore launched Gymkhana Fine Foods to bring the culinary experience to home kitchens with a range of marinades and sauces to recreate. Like all Gymkhana Fine Foods, the sauces and marinades are free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, and palm oil. They are supplied in glass containers that can be recycled.

Butter Masala Chicken Close Up with jar
Butter Masala Chicken (Image provided)
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